Videos and Motion Graphics are an integral part to a businesses advertising efforts, with video content becoming the fastest growing facet of the marketing industry. Are you taking advantage of video content?


This is a selection of Commercials, Long Form Videos and Animation from clients in various industries, where my responsibilities included concepting, filming, editing and digital FX. 

This television commercial was produced in association with Etcetera Media, LLC. It was filmed in Kure Beach, NC. My responsibilities was helping with copywriting, filming and editing.

As the video producer for Tayloe/Gray. my job was to develop CTS's brand video. I worked as a copywriter, main camera, editor, graphics animator and audio mixer for this project, which was part of an overall rebrand for the company.

Produced in association with Etcetera Media, LLC. We shot this at the New Hanover County Arboretum and their office. Responsibilities included location scouting, filming and editing. 

Produced in association with Ecetera Media, LLC, this commercial involved filming on location in Florida, graphics animation and visual FX for digital sign replacement.